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AirCassette is the jukebox of your party. Queue the songs you want to hear next with AirCassette and create Mixtape playlists. AirCassette will display how many songs you have in your queue and the total play time of the queue.   Share your cassettes with friends and let them know what you are playing. Post your cassettes to Facebook and Twitter. The name of the song, artist and album is written on the cassette label.   AirCassette supports AirPlay®. Stream your iPhone's music library wirelessly to external speakers for the ultimate AirCassette Experience.


AirCassette is a cassette player application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Choose your favourite cassette from a variety of nostalgic cassette models. The playing song information is written on the cassette label and you can also share your cassette view with friends on Facebook or via email.

AirCassette is also a music player with an intuitive user interface. Play queue, sharing, AirPlay and the possibility to create your own mixtapes guarantee an outstanding music experience.

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If you have any problems with AirCassette app, please email: info@aircassette.com.

If you have problems with iOS6, please delete and reinstall AirCassette.

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